Thursday, 12 January 2012

I've done the second song now. I decided to try doing the music first. I used a soprano uke, Bari uke and double bass, jammed out a few chords, then I added the voice last, writing the lyrics moments before. I decided to do the whole thing on 4 tracks, with no bouncing down, so I made up the instrumental break (which I'd been informed was missing from the first song) without overdubbing, which is why it's a bit crap.

Again, it's rough and ready, and the eagle-eyed will spot plenty of bum notes, buzzes, etc. in it, but as I said before, that's kind of the point. It has to be done quickly, with the minimum correction, and no consideration towards actually honing it into something better.

I promise not every song will be inspired by spite, but this one's about just how creative you can be with no external input, like if you were just dossing about at home all the time. The lyrics aren't great, but they only took 10 minutes, so I'm up on last week, which took 20.

Ooh, and I also added a weird intro, as I had my 4-track to hand last night, but no instruments, so did a sort of vocal sting for it. Ironically, the intro was recorded on three times as many tracks and took longer than the actual song.

Anyway, here it is:

I'll try to get them collected into one place on a side page or something.

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