Sunday, 19 February 2012

Glorious Swan Song

It's Sunday evening and I don't have a song. Another chaotic week, but I did have a few hours on Thursday, which I spent on music.

But not on a weekly song. I decided to work on other stuff, and I ended up finishing two songs that have been buzzing around in some form or other for some time. And I'm much happier with either of them than I would have with a rushed, make-do-and-mend song. I enjoyed the process more too, feeling much more engaged in it, investing more of myself in it. No comparison.

The one thing I found useful about the song-a-week process was the necessity to set some time aside for songwriting at regular intervals. I think I'll keep that element going, but as for the rest, nothing has happened to alter the conclusions I came to last week.

I thought about quicky throwing together another song for the song-a-week, then I just thought: why? If I did that, it would just be another piece of rushed, cobbled-together crap. And I don't have 16,000 reasons to carry on regardless.

So balls to it. Expect another experimental project imminently. In the meantime, I'm going to abandon this method as fundamentally flawed and work on writing some tunes I'm actually happy with.