Saturday, 11 February 2012

Only one solution

... when you've run out of time, and have to write a song, but have no ideas:
I've had to resort to the blues.
No disrespect to that fine genre, but you don't really have to think round that many corners to knock out a basic blues song, so it's perfect for my purpose, which this week was to get from blank page to MP3 link in the least possible time and fuss.
I decided to do each track as one take, warts-and-all, and not listen back to the whole song until doing the (very rough) mixdown. There are some trememndous clangers in it, but IT ONLY TOOK THIRTY TWO MINUTES TO WRITE AND RECORD. I'm quite proud of how little effort I made. $16,000? Really? (if you don't understand that reference, you haven't been paying attention to what this is all about)
And I've discovered that, although many years ago I was a reasonably tidy guitar player, I can't play for toffee any more. I'm not particularly upset about that though - I'm uke through and through now.
So here is the song, which we'll call, er, 'In Case of Emergency (Break out the Blues)':